Evening Classes for Kids

Evening Classes for Kids

Traditionally, evening programs of this nature are designed to disseminate essential Islamic knowledge at a primary level, teaching children basic Islamic beliefs, practices, etiquettes, and values.

With a shared and continuous commitment from students, teachers, and parents, our aim is to create an environment that nurtures a deep spirit of faith, love, and excellence in the hearts of children – effectively allowing them to grow up with a greater sense of confidence as responsible, caring, upright Muslims, insha-Allah.

We are pleased to announce that Alqalam Islamic Community Center is endeavouring to re-establish regular evening classes for the children within our local community.

Insha-Allah, the classes will be under the care of our Imam, starting in the Fall, 2021.

Further information and other updates will be provided here shortly, bi ithnillah.


Mondays – Tuesdays – Wednesdays
6pm – 7:15pm   (timings subject to change)

Age Requirements:

Ages 7+


  • Basic rules of Qur’ānic pronounciation and recitation (Tajwīd)
  • Qur’ānic reading (Nāzira)
  • Selected Qur’ānic memorization (Hifdh)
  • Core beliefs (Aqā’id)
  • Morals and manners (Akhlāq)
  • Essential rules of worship (Fiqh)
  • Prophetic prayers (Duā)
  • Daily devotional remembrances (Adhkār)

…and more…


Registration forms will be made available and must be submitted in-person. Based on the discretion of the teacher(s), preliminary interviews may be held with the parent(s) and child(ren) seeking enrollment, insha-Allah.


$25.00 per child, each month.

$25.00 one-time enrolment fee to cover the cost of textbooks for each child to be used throughout the year.