Latest Updates in Relation to Covid-19

In compliance with the Government of Ontario’s lockdown restrictions mandated to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, our center remains open with the following conditions:

  • All are required to maintain social distancing (at least 2m) from others. Unfortunately, this includes during prayers. If the center is full, kindly come back later.
  •  All persons entering or remaining in the premises must wear a mask or face covering as required under City of Toronto by-law 541-2020.
  • All congregants must bring and use their own personal prayer mat. Disposable paper mats are available as needed.
  • All are requested to seek further guidance with regards to the latest health recommendations as per local health authorities.

NOTE: All individual visitors to the center are collectively responsible to amicably uphold the aforementioned rules for the greater benefit of the community. If not, the center may be forced to close indefinitely.

REMINDER:  If you have traveled internationally within the last 14 days, have been exposed to someone properly diagnosed with COVID-19, are vulnerable due to underlying health issues, or are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness, please pray at home and seek medical advice.