Evening Maktab

Evening Maktab Classes

Traditional evening maktab classes are designed to teach children basic Islamic beliefs, practices, etiquettes, and values.

The maktab system is vital for the dissemination of essential Islamic knowledge at a primary level. It is designed to nurture a deep spirit of faith, love, and excellence in the hearts of children, allowing them to grow up with a greater sense of confidence as responsible, caring, upright Muslims, insha-Allah.

We are pleased to announce that Alqalam Islamic Community Center is endeavouring to re-establish regular evening maktab classes for the children within our local community.

Insha-Allah, the classes will be under the care of our Imam, Shaikh Aamir, starting from September 2020.

Further information regarding the evening maktab classes will be provided in the near future, bi ithnillah.


*Yet to be determined.

Age Requirements:

Ages 5 -12.


  • Basic rules of Qur’ānic pronounciation and recitation (Tajwīd)
  • Qur’ānic reading (Nāzira)
  • Selected Qur’ānic memorization (Hifdh)
  • Core beliefs (Aqā’id)
  • Morals and manners (Akhlāq)
  • Essential rules of worship (Fiqh)
  • Prophetic prayers (Duā)
  • Daily devotional remembrances (Adhkār)

…and more…


Registration forms will be made available and must be submitted in-person once registration opens. Based on the discretion of the teacher(s), preliminary interviews may be held with the parent(s) and child(ren) seeking enrollment, insha-Allah.


*Yet to be determined.